Top Four Ways to Deal With Exam Stress and Anxiety

Can exam stress cause depression? Well the answer is YES. Exam stress and anxiety lead to a more serious health condition which is depression. Ours is a generation that has to face a lot of competition to build a good career. There are several little things along with educational requirements and parents expectation that build up and cause stress to students. However, exam stress and pressure can be handled sprucely. Here are four quick tips that will help the students deal with exam stress depression.

1. Look for Motivation

Each one of us has that someone who motivates and inspires us when we are feeling down. Words are powerful and they have an instant effect on your mood. Go to that person – he or she may be your sibling, parents, grandparents, friend, teacher, neighbour or anyone who you feel has motivated you, and speak your heart out. Emptying out true feelings and then hearing motivational words will instantly perk you up. Motivation is the best way to cope with exam stress.

2. Understand Your Study Grasping Pattern

Another way to deal with exam stress disorder is to understand your ability to grasp studies. There are different types of learners:

  • Visual learner uses spatial understanding, pictures and images to remember
  • Verbal learner uses speech, writing and oral words to remember
  • Aural learner uses music and sound to remember
  • Physical learner likes to use sense of touch to understand things
  • Logical learner uses reasoning and logic to remember and learn
  • Solitary learner prefers to sit in a secluded quiet place and study
  • Social learner learns easily when studying in a group

Giving hours in learning the wrong way will just build up your stress. Instead learn how to handle exam stress by figuring out the right way of studying and dealing with exam stress.

3. Organize and Plan Your Study Time

Organized study is one of the most important exam stress management tips for students. Organizational skills come handy not only in the student life but also in offices where it is considered as one of the most important skills to have for a successful career. When you have a plan written down you will find it easy to execute it rather than rack your brains on what to do, when to do and how to do. You don’t have to mark an 8 hour slot for studies instead write down 45 minutes and then take an energetic break before going back. Add everything to your planner including your workout session, extracurricular activities etc.

4. Healthy Living

Your brain’s nutrition is fuelled by your body. Healthy eating can help you keep your brain cells active and help in enhancing your memory power. Consuming foods like nuts, dark chocolate, blueberries, broccoli, fish, greens will help you improve your concentration and focus. Along with this your body also stays healthy and active which itself is a motivation to study. Clean and healthy eating is an easy way to fight exam stress disorder.

These tips are easy to follow and will help you deal with exam stress, anxiety and depression.


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