How to Fight Stress During Your Examination


Examinations are stepping stones to our educational path and future career. They are important and a part of the education system because they evaluate your knowledge and understanding of the subjects taught. The spirit of competition amongst fellow students sometimes comes down hard on the students and this leads to stress and anxiety in them. Examination pressure can be handled in a smart way so you can relax, study, give examinations and come out in flying colors. Here are some ways to beat exam stress.

Feel Nature Take a Walk Outside

A study conducted in the University of Illinois by Doctor Chuck Hillman proved that a 20-minute walk outside before sitting for an examination upped the brain activity and enhanced the brain power. Instead of digging in your book just before the exams go take a walk in your campus and see how fresh you feel. This is an instant stress buster and one of the easiest ways to reduce exam stress.

Get Enough Sleep

One of the best ways to reduce exam stress is to get enough sleep. Our brain recharges when we are sleeping. When we deprive it of rest we are running a fatigued brain which is as good as nothing. You just tire your brain out and despite spending sleepless nights will not remember your syllabus properly. Instead of drooping or drinking cuppas of caffeine to keep your eyelids open get an eight hour of continuous sleep than study. This will increase your grasping power and help you remember your studies effectively.

Listen to Natures Sound

Listening to relaxing sounds from nature helps the body to go back to a non-stressed state. If you are stresses you will never be able to study or remember what you are studying. There are tests that confirm that nature sounds can help in controlling cortisol which is the main stress causing hormone. Classical music also has a relaxing effect on the brain but nature’s sounds can actually take you off from the stress meter. So go ahead and listen to sound of birds chirping or streams bubbling to relax your mind, reduce exam stress and study better.

Eat Chocolate to Beat Stress

One of the easiest ways to deal with exam stress is to eat dark chocolate. It is a proved study where the researchers found that dark chocolate lowers the level of cortisol or stress hormone in the body. Ensure that you pick a chocolate that has 70% or more cocoa. Chocolate also helps in releasing endorphins that are natural stress busters. However, consume a small amount daily don’t go over the board and binge on excessive chocolate.

Next time you think you are going into a depression due to exam stress follow these simple tips to overcome your stress and depression.

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