How to Overcome Depression from Exam Failure


Success is the outcome of perfection, devotion, hard work, determination and learning from failure. Although all of us understand that success doesn’t always come easy and we have to face failure at times, but there are many students who take it to heart and go into depression after exam failure. Most of these students have probably been facing depression during exam time and the results make them remorseful. Here are some tips on how to overcome depression after exam results.

You Are Not The Only One to Face Failure

“It is ok”, would be an incorrect statement to say here because failure isn’t something pleasant but this also not a situation that cannot be taken care of. There are several others who have faced failure. Hiding, feeling ashamed or crying will not help you anymore. However, you have a chance to come up again. Analyze where you went wrong and then ensure that you take measures that will help you in your studies. Getting depressed will not help you score marks instead focus on how to overcome depression after exam failure. Even Albert Einstein was rejected for admission in Federal Polytechnic Academy because he did not score well in non-science subjects.

Talk Out Your Emotions

Depression after exam failure will drive you into a shell which will get harder to crack with time if you don’t come out of it soon. Don’t bottle up your emotions instead let them out through words. Speak to people, talk to your friends, discuss with your elders and learn what they did to fight failures and take a suggestion from your teachers on how you should plan your study to get good marks. Failing an exam doesn’t mean you are being kicked out of school. Consider it has taken a step back to make a bigger leap. Keep your emotions positive and you will never go into a depression of exam failure.

Review Your Study Techniques

Your friend may score well in a subject, but you may not get good marks in that same subject – what is one man’s meat is another man’s poison. If you think you are going to learn by using your friend’s technique and get the subject right then, you are wrong. Never compare yourself with others instead try to think about how you could get to learn the subject. Think about how you score well in other subjects and the techniques that you use while studying them. Put in more effort and then study.

Life is full of challenges and even the most successful man had to face failures before they achieved their dream. This is because they tried. Depression around exam time and after the results is something that may come inevitably, but you have to understand that at times things may not quite be in your hands. Stop dwelling in the fact that you failed an exam and buckle up to work hard and do well in the subject that you failed in.

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