Exam Stress and its Causes


Exam preparations can cause a lot of stress to the students. It is the pressure of preparing for examinations that lead to exam stress and anxiety. Stress can lead to depression which in turn leads to further health conditions that could be fatal for a student. Appearing for examination under stress can lead to poor results. Parents, guardians, and students should understand the causes of stress so they can deal with such situations efficiently.


Exam stress and pressure go hand in hand. It is the pressure that causes panic amongst the students which slowly leads to exam pressure depression. Pressure to do well in the examination could be from various sources. The first pressure comes from parents. Unknowingly parents tend to expect too much from their children. They also end up comparing the child with other siblings at home who fortunately do quite well. The other stress that they face is from the teachers at school who want their class children to excel in their studies.
Students who are looking forward to scholarship or sitting for some sort of entrance examination to open gates to their dream job or career also face a lot of pressure. Another type of pressure comes from within where the student goes under depression during the exam because of the pressure they feel to perform better than the other children in the class. Concentrating on the fact that they want to do better than the others instead of just doing well in the examinations is what drives them into exam stress disorder. They simply worry too much about how the other students must be preparing for the exam or how difficult the question paper will be etc. They have a negative approach from the beginning which leads to extreme exam stress.

Not Prepared for the Examinations

Knowing that one is not prepared for the exam, it is stressful to enter into an examination hall or classroom. Some of the main causes of stress, in this case, are – improper studying, not completing the syllabus, last moment studying, overnight studying or not having revised thoroughly cause stress in a student. Therefore it is important that the students plan their study time way ahead of the exam, so they don’t have to regret not having studied on time. This is one of the best ways to reduce exam stress.

Problem in Coping with Class

The level of intelligence varies in every student. It may not be easy for some to cope with what is happening in their class. However, patience is a virtue and you need to prepare for the exams from a date much before the others. You can always take help from teachers, fellow students or tuitions understand the subject. You don’t have to be perfect in every subject, but you can definitely try to understand it with some help.
Meditation, motivation, and dedication are some important keys to fight stress. Don’t let stress ruin come in your way to a successful career in the future.

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