Decoding the Online Gaming Addiction in Today’s Youth

In 2021, the global games market reached a whopping $180.3 billion. With the market size increasing, the concerns about online gaming addiction and betting also increased among children and teenagers. They spent a large share of their day online and this has a serious impact on their present as well as future. According to reports, above 81% of under-18 individuals regularly play online games. If this is done in moderation, it is a fun and sociable activity to get involved with. They won’t be harmed if they keep a balanced approach but the scenario is otherwise these days. 

Here are some impacts of internet and gaming addiction among youth that you need to be aware of.

Financial concerns arising from gaming addiction

Most online games these days have the option of buying in-game tokens or purchases. This leads the kids to possibly run up unexpected credit card bills for their parents. Even for free downloads, the games need credit card information. Without having sufficient parental control, the parents are left with huge bills. For example, one must have password protection, spending restrictions, separate accounts for children and alerts on phone to keep a check on it.

Effects on education and personal growth

Gradually, the kids face interpersonal dependency and online game addiction. This has negative impacts on the child’s education as well as wellbeing. This game addiction interferes with their academics and their schoolwork gets suffered. It leads to a lack of concentration and low motivation. The games the kids play these days are full of violent graphics and sexual content. The majority of the parents are worried about this. Highly realistic games bring in tendencies of aggression among the younger minds.

Social relationships

Gaming was considered to be a social activity till the bad effects of online gaming addiction were known to people. By playing online games, kids can connect with their friends on a real-time basis but the withdrawal can have bad effects on their relationship skills in day-to-day life. Gameplays should be kept in moderation owing to how well they will help a child in their social development.

Effect on mental health

Online gaming addiction in India has brought forward more pronounced effects on mental health that were otherwise not understood completely earlier. The increase in anger or rage in children has become a common problem, which is making it difficult for parents. They now scream or retort to physical attacks if things are going wrong or aren’t done their way. They are extremely compulsive to getting back to gaming again when doing something else. The online gaming addiction among students has made them more isolated in their real life.

Effects on physical health

Internet and gaming addiction can take a serious toll on the child’s physical health as well. A repetitive strain injury is the most common symptom seen in kids who play for extended periods. This is followed by aches, numbness, stiffness, and pain. They start developing wrist or hand problems. The eyes get severely affected ad poor posture tells badly on their health. Headaches and migraines do not tend to leave them.

Understandably, online games are an escape for the kids but the parents must supervise them always. It is good to get hold of their addiction when it is at a symptom stage and not a problem stage. Now you can also take the help of experts to help your kids get out of this addiction. Dr Pankaj, the best psychiatrist in East Delhi has been a great help and support for both addicted children and their parents. He can help your child learn healthier ways of coping and overcoming their addiction.

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